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It is not at all Surprising that Google Play Store is Surrounded by many Malicious Apps, which can be of any Category Let it be of Gaming,but Apps from Different Category are also Malicious.They gain the User’s Attention and make their Victims From them but this time they have done it at a very Large Scale than you have ever thought.
Threat Researchers From Security Firms have Discovered a Malicious Facebook Credentials Stealing Trojan which was in disguise of a Gaming App that has been downloaded by more than a Million Android Users.

The Android Game ” Cowboy Adventure” ,” Jump Chess “,etc have been downloaded up to Half Million Users. It had been since removed from Google Play Store.But Before removing them from the Play Store God Knows How many number of Victim’s have been Compromised for their Facebook Credentials.

Both the Game were developed by the Same Software Developer Tinker Studio and Both Apps were Malicious App which were used to gather the Social Media Credentials from the Users who downloaded their Apps.

How the Malicious App Made Victims ?

Let take the Example of Cowboy Adventure.Once you have Downloaded and Installed the Cowboy Adventure in your Smart Phone,this app Produces a Fake Facebook Login Window that Prompted in Front of the Users and Ask them to Enter their Facebook Username and Password.It is Like OAuth in which the Third Party asks your Facebook Login.

However if the User enter his Credentials in the App the Malicious Code within the Game send the Users Credentials to the Attacker’s Server From where The Destruction Begins.

Tips To Save You ::

So Please Download the Apps Carefully and Wisely and only from the Official Sources such as Google Play Store or Apple Store.Do not turn on the Unknown Sources Option in the Security Menu.Read reviews about the App by the Other People.Turn on the Two Step Verification on all the Accounts that make a Harder for the Hacker to hack your Account with Just your Username and Password and Always Choose a Good Antivirus. 

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