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You may have knowledge about Google PartnerPlex but some of you must not be aware about this new thing which is called as Google PartnerPlex.

We all know that Google is collecting our everyday data that we are regularly searching on the Internet.So Google has used this information in a new way. 

To View Demo : Demo at Google PartnerPlex

Google has made a stairs. You will be thinking that making stairs is not a unique thing. But Google has made the stairs in a new way. The stairs consist of a screen, you can see in the image provided.

The keywords which are being searched on the live at International level are being displayed on these screen, The screen is present at every step of the stairs.

Google has all our information because most of the time we are using Google to search anything we want to find. This time Google has made a new way to use thus information. All the collective information is now used in a different way to make different and unique things. 

One more thing that Google has made at Google PartnerPlex is a Youtube Table. This is a touch Table with a 3D screen ahead of it. 

You can search from there by typing on the touch table and the list of the videos will also be displayed in an animation on the touch screen Table. The video is then displayed on the 3D screen in a very well defined manner.

All these things are now shown to the VIP persons who are regularly visiting at Google for fun or something else.

Click here to view Demo of Google PartnerPlex

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