Some info about ‘BOSS’ – Indian operating system

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This operating system was initiated in the year 2007 but was not successfully accepted because it lacks some features.But the newer version is fully secured and full of features,The new version of BOSS ( Bharat Operating system solutions ) Linux version is created with the help of Gujarat Technical University, DRDO and some private computer geeks.

The newer version of BOSS linux is considered as too much secured operating system for India.This operating system will be used in India at official computers.

It has been observed that US and China can easily hack easily into our systems and steal crucial files as we are all using Microsoft windows in our systems which is created by an America.

So very soon Microsoft operating systems will be replaced by Indian BOSS at the official computers and our files will be secured.

BOSS is a type of answer to the US and China hackers that now they can’t steal our data.This operating system will also be used in army systems.

As we know that Microsoft windows are secretly sending all of our data to the servers of Microsoft so,it is very dangerous to use Microsoft windows in our official places.This is the big reason to develop a India operating system BOSS.

Here is a list of versions which are launched in India by BOSS team-

The current version of BOSS is 5.0 and its another code name is ‘ANOKHA’.



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