Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Got Banned Everywhere,even in Flights

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Note – If you are reading this article on the screen of Galaxy Note 7 then throw the device away from your Eyes.

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially declared as a Defected Phone. Samsung has confirmed that there is really something wrong in the device. We have heard about Many incidents of Galaxy Note 7 and most of the Persons have injured themselves By this Phone.However Some of us still have this Phone in our Pockets.

 This Article is written only to aware those, who are still having this Smartphone.

US has banned the Galaxy Note 7 in their Flights because of the Fear of Catching Fire in the Flights. After Samsung’s confirmation, Everyone has Banned this phone. The same Weekend, US Government added the Name of Galaxy Note 7 in the Prohibited List of their Airlines. It is however said that now,every person’s Smartphone is Checked and if it is Galaxy Note 7 then, it is not allowed to take it with you.
After the US Government, other Countries like Australia, Asia and Europe has also Banned the Device. 
Singapore Airlines has posted a Message on their Facebook Page that  “the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be prohibited from being brought on board all our flights in person, in carry-on baggage or checked-in baggage with effect from 16 October”.
So, if Anyone of you is still having Galaxy Note 7 then please stop using it. You have a option to replace the Device. Samsung has officially given the statement that, you can visit the Samsung’s Store and can ask for the replacement of the device. You will be given a another device of Samsung in replacement with Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has recalled around 2.5 million in September only after the Complaints of Exploding the Batteries.
Samsung has also confirmed that, they have stopped the Further Production of Galaxy Note 7. 
What about the Reputation of Samsung?
Samsung is a very well known company who has spent years and years in the Phones and has gain a Huge respect. But after getting this Exploding news Samsung’s reputation is going Down. As per the reports got, we have concluded that People today are in a fear for Buying a Samsung’s Smartphone. So the company is in Huge loss today.
One Real incident with me – One of my Friend has to Buy a Smartphone and he came to me for a suggestion. I gave him suggestion of three Smartphones and from them, one was Samsung’s S7 Edge. He completely denies to my suggestion of Buying Samsung’s Smartphone and when I asked him for the Reason. He said ” Samsung’s Smartphones are exploding and I don’t have enough money that, if My phone explodes then, i can Buy a new Smartphone and I cannot bear a injury to myself. So There is a Final No to Samsung’s Phones.”  I was left with no answer.
Will Samsung get back it’s reputation?
Samsung has a Experience of Years and the Team correctly knows how to be a Successor again in the Market. However if we Compare the Samsung’s Devices with others then, the result is always on the side of Samsung. Samsung’s S7 Edge is now running as a Best Phone of 2016 but as already told, Graph of Reputation is going down.
For sure, Company has to do something great to impress the users and they will do it very soon.

“The company has to convince its sales channel partners to trust it again,” Voedisch said. “Make the telecom’s feel appreciated, apologize, and maintain that access to the market.”

So, We all should support Samsung who has provided us with such Great phones till Galaxy Note 7 and now also they are trying their best to improve.
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