Reading & Writing MetaInformation

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Meta Information is the Information about Information. For Example if you consider a Document to be Information then its title,location and Subject are a part of Meta Information.
We Use Exiftool to read and write meta information in a variety of file types.

To Download Exiftool :

For Windows ——–> Download From Here
For Mac ————–> Download From Here

Using Exiftool for Windows and Mac For Reading Meta Information :

It is quite easy. Just there is only one step. 
Once you have downloaded the exiftool from here, Extract it. An Application will be there after Extraction.Drag and Drop the file to this application and automatically the Meta Information of the file will be  generated.

Like This. Just Drag the Plus Points File to the Exiftool(-k) Application.
Writing Meta Information
When writing information, ExifTool preserves the original file by adding “_original” to the file name. Be sure to keep a copy of the original, or thoroughly validate the new file before erasing the original. 


Tag values are written rather than being extracted if any tag name ends with a ‘=‘ symbol (or if the -tagsFromFile or -geotag options are used). The ‘=‘ may be prefixed by ‘+‘, ‘-‘ or ‘<‘ to add a value, remove a value or set a value from file. The following table outlines the different write syntaxes:
Syntax Result
-TAG= Deletes all occurrences of TAG
-all= Deletes all meta information! 
-GROUP:TAG= Deletes TAG only in specified group
-GROUP:all= Deletes all information in specified group
-[GROUP:]TAG=VALUE Sets value of TAG (only in GROUP if specified)
-[GROUP:]TAG+=VALUE Adds item to a list, shifts a date/time, or increments a number
-[GROUP:]TAG-=VALUE Removes item from a list, shifts a date/time, or deletes TAG if it has the specified value
-[GROUP:]TAG<=FILE Sets tag value from contents of specified file

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