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Rahul Tyagi – an Actor, an Author, a Singer and an Ethical Hacker by Profession


Everyday we are posting our Articles on Technology and Related Stuff. But today we are Posting a Different and a special Article with which you shall be unaware.

We are going to introduce you to a Person who is a Top Ranked Ethical Hacker in India. His good name is Rahul Tyagi. Rahul Tyagi is Post-Graduate with majors in Computer Science and has completed his study from Lovely Professional University (L.P.U),Jalandhar.

In the past 7 years, Rahul Tyagi has conducted over more than 100 Training Sessions globally.

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Rahul Tyagi is also listed in BlackBerry Hall of Fame for his Contributions in the Organisations.Being a Cyber Space Researcher itself, Rahul Tyagi has found Critical Vulnerabilities on the Websites of Sony, HP, Intel ,VMware, TED, Discovery Networks and many more.


Being an Ethical Hacker, Rahul Tyagi is also a well known author as he has written two books named as Hacking Crux 1 and Hacking Crux 2 both on Information Security. These two books are currently referred by many Professionals and obviously by many students to learn amazing new things.Rahul Tyagi has experienced some International Conferences like Conference Committee at GRDS, Malaysia and DCDConverged, Bangalore.
According to Rahul Tyagi there are 4 things which are must to be needed to become a good Ethical Hacker and to do these 4 things it will require minimum 1 year. These 4 things are-
1-PHP- Learn PHP in depth (or any other in which you are comfortable).

2-SQL- Learn SQL because understanding backend is the most important thing to understand how things are saved.

3-Linux- Linux is like a soul to a Computer engineer. You can start with the Ubuntu version of the Linux.

4- Assembly- You must understand at least the basics of Assembly required in Standalone Application Testing aka Software Testing.

These were the same lines told by Mr. Rahul Tyagi when asked as a question to him.

Operating systems with which Rahul Tyagi can easily work with are Windows, Linux, HP – UX, Solaris, ATX and others.

Recently, The Documentary of Rahul Tyagi has been shoot to aware the Public about how he got success in his life.Remember Nothing is Simple,he too has faced many Problems in his life. 

He is also a good actor as he has done many video shoots. You can easily see the videos of Rahul Tyagi on Youtube Channel named same as “Rahul Tyagi“.

One more skill, he can also sing well.Click here to listen him singing at the Auditorium of (B.B.S.B.E.C) Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering college. 

All we want to say is, Rahul Tyagi is a multi-talented person and is very accurate in his Professional Skills.We must see his Sky-touching success and should make him our Role Model.

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