How to Remove and Avoid Computer Viruses

OS Platform Tricks

Almost Everyone is Fed up with Viruses and Malwares and there has been Always a Competition between Viruses and Antiviruses.Viruses are just so Annoying and Dangerous.These type of thing are Designed for some Specific Purpose mostly Destructive Purposes only.Few of the Dangerous Viruses like ILOVEYOU ,CODE RED,Melissa.etc caused Damaged in Billion Dollars which is a […]

The Complete Guide for Understanding Remote Administration Tools(R.A.T’S)

Computers Tech Tips

R.A.T’s,basically stand for Remote Administration Tools which is used to Control the System Remotely without the Knowledge to the Victim by sending him a Payload. R.A.T’s forms in itself an Entire Class of Hacking Stream which includes Trojans, Backdoors,etc. What is a R.A.T ? RAT Stands for  Remote Administration Tool. It is mostly used for […]