How to Buy a Domain Name and Configure the Setting with Your Blog

I hope Everyone wants to be Famous and Starting up your Own Website can help you Fulfill your Dreams.Bill Gates the Famous Personality said that ” If your Business is Not the Internet then your Business will be Soon out of Business ” .And Very well you can understand the Dept of these words.Everyone knows that half […]

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How to Make Your Own Blog or Website Using Blogger and Other Websites

Everyone Today wants to make his/her blog or a Website so that he/her can show his talent to everyone and can earn publicity  and money through his blog.Blog can be made on any topic like A Diet Blog,A Health Blog,A Technological Blog,etc. For Making a Blog on Blogger follow the following Steps : 1)To use […]

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The Error Faced By Android Users When Using Application Like Screen Dimming Apps

Sometimes we often have noticed the Problem with our Android Smart Phone that we Cannot Click on the Install Button in the Package Installer when We have activated the Night Screen Mode or some Screen Dimming App in our Android Phone. These apps work by Covering or Disguising the whole screen with a Low Light […]

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The Best way to Track your Facebook Login Location and Receive the Login Alerts

I think about One-Fourth of the total world population is on Facebook and Whatsapp. Facebook hacking has become common so we all should look towards our safety so that no one else could use our account for something doing illegal purposes and we should know that when our account was last logged in and from […]

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The Best Way to Spoof Caller-ID in just Five minutes

In this Article you will learn how to Spoof caller ID,Change your Voice,Record Call,Make a Group call,Add Background Audio and Much more. Spoofing, in general, is a malicious practice in which communication is sent from an unknown source to the receiver. Spoofing is most prevalent in communication mechanisms that lack a high level of security. […]

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How to Check Windows Experience Index in Windows 8,8.1 and 10

The WEI or Windows Experience Index Score was first introduced in Windows Vista and it was an inbuilt tool in Windows to provide a Score of your System Configuration that How well your System Performs in different Fields like Graphics,Primary Hard Disk,RAM,Performance and Gaming and Windows Experience Index Score was given in Numbers usually out […]

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How to Enable Telnet Client in Windows

Telnet is an Application, which is used for Accessing Remote Computers on Internet or LAN’s.Telnet is used to provide a Bidirectional Interactive Text-Oriented Communication facility using a Terminal/Command Line connection. With Telnet, you can Log on another Remote System as a Regular User with some Privileges ,you have been granted on that Remote Computer. How […]

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