Overnight Laptop Battery Charging Will End The Battery Life?Seriously?But Truth is something different.

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 Battery life is becoming big issue today in this era of gadgets and technology.There are many queries in and on battery life of laptop like Overcharging reduces battery life? What is actual Battery life of a laptop? So there are many battery queries in our minds.
Before I answer all these questions there is some basic information about batteries that will help you to understand all things about battery.
Science is becoming better and better by time ,due to huge improvement in battery technologies and charge cycles.Now days Battery supports huge no. of battery cycles that mean all these latest laptops are coming with latest battery types like lithium ion and lithium polymer.Due to large no. of battery cycles, there are no possibilities of overcharging.When Batteries are Charged fully,they stop receiving electricity and direct the power to laptop components.
Then What lead our Battery life almost dead ?
So we Discussed about overcharging things which not exists in this advanced world of technology.There are some other big problems for batteries that you never even thought about. Overheating is real problem for  Batteries ,if the temperature of laptop, cpu and gpu are above 44 cel then your laptop’s battery life is in bit danger.Some latest research showed us that the overheating is the real reason behind the lose of battery life.
Is there any Other Reason For lose of battery charge cycles.
Yes,Latest research at batteryuniversity.com discovered that, if you charge your battery 100 % and then drain to 0%.Then battery cycle become only 3000-4000 and on other hand, if you charge battery  between 40 – 80 percent then your battery cycles become  approx. 10000 .
So Don’t overheat your battery and don’t let it drain completely.
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