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Previously in the June event of Apple it was already told that the new watch will run on Watch OS 3 but now the the watch has been launched along with a best app called Breathe which helps you to keep yourself healthy with a awesome breathe.

The new iwatch has come up with lot of apps whether it is fitness app or something else.

The most important thing to tell you is that iWatch is coming up with a pre installed app called Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has been a most downloaded game till now so Apple has collaborated with the owners of Pokemon Go and now the iwatch is in front of you with pre-installed Pokemon Go. This is really a Good news for Pokemon Go lovers.

If you are walking somewhere and there is a Pokemon available near you then your iwatch will automatically beep and will tell you that there is a Pokemon near you which is a very impressive thing. With this feature you will never miss a Pokemon near you. 

iwatch released today is also a swim proof which means that you can wear it while bathing and swimming.Only one problem is there that Siri will not work when you will be in Water because speaker will not work in the Water. Apple iWatch will also calculate the calories burnt while you swim in the Water. So Apple watch will completely take care of your Health.Swimmers would absolutely love this.

Apple watch will also contain a GPS facility along with application of Maps which is so accurate that it will never ever betray you in your path.

Apple watch will be sold at $269 U.S Dollars

Apple watch Nike +

Apple has been working with Nike from years and today collaborating with Nike, Apple has created its new watch named as Apple watch Nike + which will be a great running Partner of yours.

Apple watch Nike + will be sold at $369 U.S Dollars.

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