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New Features from Whatsapp. Amazing or Worst?

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Whatsapp which has been owned by Facebook is trending now days.Facebook Community is doing a lot to improve their Whatsapp because now the Alternate Messaging App is going to launch i.e Allo from Google. 

Whatsapp will become overload with the features from now. But some of the features can annoy you also. 
Whatsapp has now introduced a feature in which you can tag your friends same like Facebook. It will be a very annoying feature because if you have put some groups on Mute mode then also it will notify you if someone Tags you. 
To tag your friends, you have to type ‘@’ infront of the name of your friend and it will surely notify you with a notification tone even if your Group is on Mute. The time Facebook owned Whatsapp, Facebook is indulged in making Whatsapp more like Facebook. This feature of tagging the friends can be proved annoying because it will definitely irritate you with notifications of your Groups.You can also tag the unknown members in the group. The update will be available to both Android and ios but it will not be available on the desktop app.
Few days back Whatsapp was spotted testing a option of  ‘speak’ in the iphone which will be surely update in the next update of Whatsapp. It means if you receive any text message and you don’t want to read it then you will be available with the option of ‘Speak’. When you will Tap on ‘Speak’ then an audio sound will read your Whatsapp message for you. This feature will be very useful to you.
This time if you will tap on the Camera icon to send someone a snap then you will be available with more editing options. Now you can edit your pic on the platform of Whatsapp only and can send your gorgeous pic. 
One more amazing feature will be there. There will be a icon of ‘T’ in the top side when you will click a pic. It will allow you to draw something to edit on your Pic.  So these were the amazing new features  announced by Facebook for Whatsapp.
Users will now surely install an alternative to Whatsapp i.e Allo from Google because it also has great features and will become a very successful app.
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