Mystery about a Tiny Hole at the back of Iphones

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I am sure that you have used i-phone several times,however some of you may be thinking yourself an i-phone pro.But I just want to tell you that there are still some hidden features in an i-phone that you won’t know.Apple products are usable by almost 40% of the people worldwide but very rarely all the features are known to a single person.

Similarly,one of the feature is the hidden tiny hole near the camera

Have you ever noticed a Tiny Hole between the Camera lens and the Flash light?

Yeah there is a tiny hole between camera and flash in the newer models launched after iphone 5.It is not just a hole,it is a Microphone.Yes you heard it right, it is not basically a technical microphone.

This is responsible for the cancellation of extra noise coming to your phone while you are talking to someone.

It means there are 3 microphones in your iphone one at the back,one at the bottom and one right near the earphone.

The tiny hole is not only responsible for the noise cancellation while you are on a call.But when you are making 4K videos then also it works to get the fine audio input.

One more thing which is very important to know is, it also clears the background voice when you are using your Siri to do any work.So it also filters the work of Siri.

We hope you are happy to know a new feature of your so called i-phone.

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