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MIT Researchers found a way to Increase WiFi upto Multiple Times

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You want High speed wifi? Ofcourse you want it. Nowdays everyone is very eager to get a Wi-Fi which should have speed as fast as it can. So to solve that Problem MIT researchers have come with a new way which will be very beneficial.    

A team of MIT Researchers have found a way to increase the speed of wifi network. In this Research main founders which are involved, are- Dr.Ezzeldin Hamed, Professor Dina Katabi, and visiting researcher Hariharan Rahul. 

All Team members have claimed that, they have found a way to reduce interference in the wireless Network system. Research was performed in AI Lab in MIT. They have also Published a White Paper that contains everything about this research. 

In this research, they claimed that, they have found an algorithm to avoid the problem of so called Spectrum crunch.This problem usually occurs  at places where huge no of wireless radio frequency is interfering with the other networks. Now they want to commercialize this technology with the help of some companies.

In Lab they have recorded 3.3 times faster WiFi Speed but researcher Hamed stated that, with some additional Routers we can achieve 10 time faster WiFi Speed.

Team is calling technology as MegaMIMO2.0. MIMO is  a Technology which stands for Multiple input  Multiple output at same time on network and at high speed data transfer rate.

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