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Messenger’s Calling is looking same as cellular Calling on ios 10


With the update of Apple’s new ios i.e ios 10 and along with the new update of Messenger one news has came out that There is almost no difference in the Calling interface of Messenger and the Cellular calling interface of ios 10.

If you are having iphone and are using the updated version of Messenger then, you must be aware about this. There is very little difference that in a small font it is written “Messenger Audio” otherwise whole the Interface of Calling is same as Cellular Calling interface.
It has been reported that with the new update of ios it has been loaded with features which were not properly told at the Launch event of Apple. It has been revealed that there is a feature named as CallKit which will allow the the Third-party apps to behave same like the in-built apps which is a great feature but for some People it’s not.
People are getting Bored while receiving the calls in a same interface as of other apps also. Bit some people are happier to have the same look of the Calling Interface.
It is not enough Apple is making lmost all Third party apps to behave as they want it. For example, some months before Apple introduced the 3D touch and pressure sensitive screen and it also works with the Third party apps.
So Apple wants their users to be constraint to one look only, that is Apple’s Look.
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