Lets decide it once and for all, Android or ios

Android/ios Checklist

This is a very Hot topic. Everyone in this World is having two types of Devices that are Android and  ios. Oops! Sorry for those having Windows Phone. 

We will describe and discuss every major aspect of Android as well as of ios and then come to a result which everyone is waiting.
Why should One buy an iPhone?
If this questions strikes in your mind then we are here to describe it more deeply. As per the circumstances today, you should buy an iPhone to impress someone because the design of Apple is very amazing or there may be one more reason that if you have enough money to waste, then you can easily buy it. I have said this line because in the cost of iPhone you can buy a very amazing android phone with better configuration but our Young Generation has a pet dialogue “iPhone is iPhone baby! “. 
Android phones have more freedom to install the applications. You can easily install the Applications from Google Play store. iPhone lovers may be thinking that they can also install them from App Store but Can iPhone Users install any Application from outside App Store? The answer is No! but Android users can.Most of the Good applications are Paid on the App Store. So which is better ROM Android or ios?  Don’t Worry we will discuss some more points.
Have you heard about NFC technology? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a short-range wireless connectivity standard (Ecma-340, ISO/IEC 18092) that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they’re touched together, or brought within a few centimeters of each other.
You might know that the new Smartphones are coming with this technology and even Apple has this feature. You can easily pay the Bills and can do lot more but the Question is Can you do it from Apple Device? Yes you can, But the condition is only for Apple Pay. So Apple has made you Limited for small space and the thing is, you are becoming.
What’s the reason of having a High price of iPhone’s?
1- Do iPhones have better Camera? No! Most Android phones have better than that.
2- Do iPhones have more Storage space? No! It is almost the same as other Android Phones.
3- Do iPhones have more RAM? No! It is even less than Android Phones
4-  Do the Total cost of Making iPhone body is more? No! It’s just 15 thousand as per the reports.
So what’s the reason? Yes! the reason is same that you are thinking now.
Security Concern :- If someone wants to be fully secured then I will always recommend an iPhone because it has very high security level. It is Damn truth that Androids can be Hacked easily and by anyone just by reading and watching tutorials available on millions of Websites.But you cannot Hack easily into the iPhone. Because of this Security Concern I am a Die Hard Fan of Apple. The thing is, you are not a President that you need that much Security.But if you are then Don’t ever use Android.
We are not saying that iPhone is not a Good device, it is a Brilliant phone but the price is bit High. You can always get a Better configuration phone at the same Price.
iPhone is a very Beautiful Device and We know that everyone is attracted towards it. But the attraction is Short-lived. Android Smartphones might don’t have smart looks but they are very helpful in our Day to Day Tasks.
We are not talking these points for a Normal user because a Normal User uses only Whatsapp, Facebook and all that. So there must be no problem for them. We are talking here of Tech loverz and Tech Destroyers.
One thing is very important to say here – “iPhone is iPhone baby!”
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