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Is your smartphone Explode free? Can’t say?


We know that you have listened a lot about this case and we are here to discuss it more deeply. You may have seen the Media reporters standing on the Road sides and asking this question to the Public. The reason behind the asking of this question is that, recently we have got many news about the explosion of the batteries of the smartphones. Majorly the explosion cases are of Samsung and very latest news has came from Apple which is obviously a bad news for these company’s.

So what do you think, why these explosions are occurring?People are losing their lives because of these bloody explosions. The companies have no answer to these questions but the rumors are that, Company’s are improving their building technique so far as to deduce the cases of explosion.

Another question arises that is this a kind of Political Game? Most of the times we have seen that rival companies are doing a lot of things against other companies just to make others down.Samsung and Apple are no doubt Big Brands and one thing is totally clear that, there are many rivals of these company’s and they can do anything.We can’t comment on this statement otherwise we will be in a great trouble.

KernelBit Team wants your safety so we will tell you some basic and very useful tips to save yourself from these explosions. Don’t Worry we will not tell you to stop buying Samsung’s phone or any other also.

First off all,Don’t use your smartphone while charging because that time your Battery is getting current from the supply and the ions are highly charged and that can cause explosion if there is even a minor mistake internally. 

If you are using your phone continuously for many hours and performing very heavy tasks then your phone gets little bit Hot. Generally the phones become hot while playing High Graphics Game. So if your phone is getting hot then please don’t use it for sometime.

Mostly the new smartphones are coming with Non-removable battery which has some benefits and few drawbacks also. Sometimes we keep our phones in such places where the phone holds some pressure, like in the back pocket of your Jeans or somewhere else. That time the battery of your Phones got pressurized and can explode. The chances for the explosion is very high in this case. 

However the companies are doing a lot of efforts to improve but still safety is better than cure.

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