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Jio is Company which is completely Owned by Reliance Industries. It is a LTE mobile network operator in India. It is the only network which provides 4G Data at such a low cost. But at present, speed of Jio has somewhat deducted but there’s a reason behind it and we will discuss it here. 

Untold Story of Jio-

The thought of starting the Jio Company was a very Old idea and the Jio was to be Launched in 2014 but with 3G not as 4G Network. It was totally planned to Launch Jio as a 3G sim in 2014 but in the year 2014, other Companies also came in Market andstart selling the 3G data. Now Jio was not in a postion to Launch a 3G based Sim in a competition to other Companies. So, 4G Network was the main Target of Jio. They need more Infrastructure and more plans so they were to need more time.Later in the Year 2015, they proposed this idea to Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood Actor) and made him the Brand Ambassador of Jio. He used the Sim at first. Then Jio was launched as a 4G LTE network Sim for all.

We know that you have many Questions about Jio. We will Discuss them Right here.

Who can get Jio Sim?

I think till now no one is left without Jio Sim but there may be some persons who are not interested in Free Internet. Jio Sim is a 4G Enabled Sim so only that Smartphones which are 4G Enabled can run a Jio sim in that. Earlier the Scheme for Jio was limited to some Companies only but now it is available for all 4G Enabled Smartphones.

Can iPhone User have the Jio Sim?

It is the most Popular Question that is Jio working in iPhones. Jio works only in the 4G Enabled Smartphones so, iPhone 5s supports Jio but the 4th Series of iPhone i.e iPhone 4 or 4s cannot use the Jio Service. So you can Run the Jio Sim in your iPhone 5s.

Jio Deals With Apple?

Yes the Telecom Company Jio has made a Deal with the Apple for their Promotion. As we all know that Mukesh Ambani is a very Brilliant Businessman so,obviously he have a Great Idea for the Promotion of Jio.

Now if you will buy a New Apple Device majorly iPhone then, you will get a Jio Sim free with it for 12 months. Jio Sim will be Packed along with the Box of the iPhone and if you Don’t get it then you can claim the Salesman and you will surely get it.

Can Activated Jio Sim work on other Devices?

This is a Question which everyone was waiting for. Jio Sim is a IMEI bound Sim so, it will not work in other Devices. The Device in which the Bar Code has been Generated,Jio will work only in that Device and the Device must be 4G Enabled.

Why Jio is More Popular Currently?

Jio is More Popular Currently because of the Brilliant Scheme of Mukesh Ambani. With the Release of Jio, it becomes loud and clear that the rates of the Internet Plans are very Low and other Companies are Charging more Money for Less Data Plans. Jio has launched a 4G network in a very less rates. If you will watch the Rate list of Jio Plans and compare it with the Current Plans of other Companies then, you will find a Huge Difference between the Rates. Rival Companies are currently in a Stress and are waiting for the End Date of Jio’s free 4G Welcome offer.

Can a Vodafone,Airtel or Idea Sim be Converted to Jio?

Currently the answer is No, But ofcourse you can after the Commercial Release of Jio Plans in January. Now the Welcome offer of Jio is Running so you cannot Convert your Sim into Jio’s Service.

Reliance is trolling with the Other Telecom Companies. The speed is deduced currently because a Test is going on in the Company for that Test, the speed is reduced from some days but the speed is Good enough at night. Moreover, Getting slow speed in free of cost is not Bad.

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