How to Spy Other’s When you are on the Same Network The Best Way

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You will Like this Article very Much as Everybody today wants to Spy on each other.Looking behinds the Wall of the Other Person,getting into their Private Stuff and Of course for Fun also.
To Spy you first need an Android Phone which should be Rooted.If you have an Rooted Android Smart Phone then it is Good otherwise you can Read The Easiest and Best way to Root any Android Smart Phone–Full Guide,Which will guide you on How to Root your Android Smart Phone by Two Ways.
And Moreover after Rooting your Smart Phone you can Download the Best Android Hacking Apps by Reading The Best Android Hacking Apps,Which will guide you in Installing the Best Android Hacking Apps with Their Respective Functions.

Follow the Steps to Spy On Other’s ::

1)I Suppose Now you have Rooted your Android Phone.

2)Now Download Interceptor .

3)Now you just have make sure that You and Your Victim are on the Same Network.

4)Now Start Interceptor -NG .

5)First Click on the Circle at the Left of Skip Scanning Button.

6)It will Show you the List of Devices on the Network .

7)Just Click on the Tick Button infront of the Victims Device and Click on the Right Arrow Button above it.

8)It will Start Intercepting the all the Data on the Victims Device.You will be Able to see the Websites which the Victim Opened and Much more.

Note ::
Your Mobile Should be Rooted !

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