How to send a secret message to someone

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We have brought up a way by which you can chat with your friends in a full secured way.The talks between you and your friends will be kept very secret that no one else could read it.

So we thought it will be helpful to you if you are secretly talking to someone.

There are very simple steps to follow but the condition is,you must have concentration.

1- You have to visit Burn note site.
2- Now you must have to sign up to there site as you usually do at social sites.

3-Then you have to click on ‘Create Burn note’.

4. Now enter the message that you want to send and do the settings as indicated below and you should set a secured password.

5. Click on ‘Get a link’.Now a link will be shown on your screen.Send it to your friend.
6. When he/she will open that link then he shoyld type the same password as you have set.

7-Then he should click on Label and the message will be shown to him.

Remenber-The message will be self destructed after some times as per the settings,you have done.

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