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How To Reveal Hidden Passwords in any Browser

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Everyone I might Think saves his/her Password in his/her Browser.Have You ever thought that anyone can reveal your Password in just few seconds when you are away.

Just Follow the Below Steps to Reveal Hidden Passwords in any Browser ::

1)Open any Browser and go to website where his Account Password is Stored.








2)Now in the Password Box Right Click and Click on the Inspect Element.








3)Now in the type=”password” change password to text and Press Enter.








4)His Password Will be Shown to You.

2nd Way :

For Google Chrome–> Settings–> Show Advanced Setting–> Under Passwords and Forms–> Manage Passwords–> Show 

For Mizolla Firefox–> Options–> Security–> Under Logins –> Saved Logins –> Show Passwords

For Opera Goto Settings–>Privacy & Setting –>Under Passwords–> Manage Saved Password –>Show 

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