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Almost Everyone is Fed up with Viruses and Malwares and there has been Always a Competition between Viruses and Antiviruses.Viruses are just so Annoying and Dangerous.These type of thing are Designed for some Specific Purpose mostly Destructive Purposes only.Few of the Dangerous Viruses like ILOVEYOU ,CODE RED,Melissa.etc caused Damaged in Billion Dollars which is a Huge Loss.So out of Fear most of the People install Antiviruses which is a Good thing as they Give you Most of the Security and also give Regular Updates to deal with the New Viruses.

What is Virus ?

A Computer virus is a Program or some Lines of code that is made to Run on your Computer without your Knowledge and Wish. Viruses Replicate themselves to Spread all over the System and can make up to the Worst they can. All Viruses are Man-Made(First a Virus is made then Antivirus Companies make up Codes to Detect them by their Signature). A Simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again can be Dangerous as it will use all Available Memory and Bring the System to a Halt or Freez.

How do I know If My Computer has been Infected ?

Here are a few Signs that Suggest that your Computer Might be Infected :

1)Your Computer Speed will be become Slow than the Normal Speed of your Computer.
2)Your Computer Stops Responding or Hangs for Seconds often.

3)Your Computer Crashes(Blue Screen appears) and Restarts often Automatically while using it.
4)Applications on your Computer don’t work Correctly or Become Corrupt.
5)Flash Disk Drives or Disk Drives are Inaccessible or are Not Functioning Well.
6)Your Computer Shows Unusual Error Messages. 
7)You see Distorted Menus and Dialog Boxes.
8)Your Data in the Computer Becomes Corrupt.
9)Your Hard Disk will show the Consumed Space more than what Actually it has Consumed.

These are Most Common Signs,that Your Computer might be Affected.But they Sometimes also Indicate your Computer’s Hardware or Software problems that have nothing to do with a Virus. 

How can I Prevent Infection by Computer Viruses ?

Nothing can Guarantee the Full Security of your Computer, but there’s a lot that you can do to lower the Chances of your Computer being affected.
It’s Must to keep your Antivirus Software fully Updated that help the Antivirus Software to Identify and Remove the latest Threats or Viruses. You can Further Secure your Computer by using a Firewall, Keeping your Computer fully Updated.

Beware of the Message or Email that has Attachments with it. If it from an Unknown Source it has 90% chances that it  contains a Virus.In addition, there is a Category of Malware called Rogue Security Software that works by causing Fake Virus alerts to Pop up on your Computer.

How to Remove Computer Viruses ?

If you Suspect that your Computer has been Infected by some Virus, then you can visit several Antivirus Websites which provides you Step-by-Step Instructions for Removing viruses and other Malware from your Computer.You can Basically download Good Antivirus Software and just Ensure their Updates and by Doing this you can Ensure 90% of the Safety of your Computer.

Some Good Antivirus Softwares By KernelBit Team ::

5) Avast

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