How to Record Activities on Microsoft Windows

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We have brought up a way to record the steps or activities on your Microsoft windows.If you want to save a path or any other thing then,it is the best way to do that.You can also record activities of someone else.

So lets began with the method.

1- Click on start.

2- Type ‘steps recorder’ and right click on it and select the option ‘Run as administrator’.

3- Click on ‘start recording’.

4- Now any activity or task that you will perform on windows will be recorded.

5- If you want to stop the recording then again open the software and click on ‘stop recording’.

6- The moment you click on ‘stop recording’. The tasks recorded will be displayed on your screen.

So this was the very easy ways to record anything which is displayed on your screen.

If you are feeling any difficulty then feel free to contact us.

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