How to increase Ram of your android device

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Hello friends,We have brought up a new way to increase the RAM of your android device.Many of the android users are facing problems because of the low speed of the device because their version of mobile is old.So here is a simple and beneficial way to increase the RAM using the free space in the  SD card of your device.

Before starting the method,your android device must be rooted.

To root your android device open this link widlon/rooting

You should also check the compatibility of this app with your device.If it is not compatible with your device then you can download other similar apps.

So lets start with the method-

1- You should have a good connectivity of internet.

2- First of all, Open Google Play store on your device.
3-You need to download a application named as ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER from Google playstore.

4- Open the app and run it.

5-It will increase the RAM of your device by using the free space in your SD card.

So these were the simple steps to increase the Ram of your device.

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