How to Hide & UN-Hide Volume in Microsoft Windows Kernelbit

How to Hide and UN-Hide Volume in your Microsoft Windows

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We mostly think to hide our personal data.So today we are here to tell you a very simple way to hide your drive of your Hard Disk.There is one way in windows itself but now everybody is aware of that trick so they can easily UN-hide your data.

We have brought up a new way which is really very easy and interesting also.We will be doing this with a help of ‘CMD’ ( command prompt ). So you must follow the steps carefully.

Hiding a Volume of your Computer :

1- Open up your Command prompt as “Run as administrator” option. If a pop-up appears then click on ‘Yes’ option.

2- Type ‘diskpart‘ and press ‘Enter‘.

3- Now you have to Type ‘list volume‘ and press ‘Enter‘. You will now see a list of volumes having numbers 1,2,3… and also given letters such as a,b,c… You have to select the volume that you want to hide. Like in my case the volume is 4th.

4-Now type ‘select volume 4‘. As I have to hide 4th volume.

5-Now you have to type ‘remove letter D‘. As in my case i am hiding my D drive which is the same 4th drive.


All done,Congratulations now you have a safely hidden your Volume.


UN-hiding the Same volume :

1-Repeat the First 4 steps again which are mentioned above.

2-Now type ‘assign letter D‘ instead of ‘remove letter D’.


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