How to Hide Data In Audio Files

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As Every Body Know that Mr.Robot Was TV Series based on Hacking.The Series Become Famous Because of Real Hacking Techniques used in Show .In one of the Episode The Elliot Hides His All The Data Behind Some Music File That Technique Is Called Steganography .Elliot Encrypt His Secret Data Behind Music Files And Burn it DVD or CD.By This Technique You Can Hide All Your Secret Data in some Music Album DVD’s.For Normal Person that DVD is Just A Music Album So Nobody Tries To Do Something With it .Only Person Who knows that the Data is hidden behind  music Album DVD is able to Recover Data From It.This Kind Of Techniques Being Used By Al Qaeda to Hide Their Secret Message Behind Some Digital Medium.In That Episode of Mr.Robot  Elliot Use Software Called DeepSound To All His Information Behind Audio File. Their Are Many Other Software You Can Use For Steganography:-
  1. Audiostegano
  2. Bitcrypt
  3. Steghide 









  1. Download This Software from Deep Sound And Install the Software. Also Disable Your Antivirus Protection For Sometime .Because some Antivirus Software Find this risky.
  2. After Installing Software Add Audio Files By Clicking “Add Carrier Files” and Select Your Files And Also Select Your Secret Files.
  3. After All The Selection Process Click Encode the Files. 
  4. Give Password For Your Files.
  5. And Save The Files to Computer.
  6. Burn All The Files To Disk.
  7. To Recover All The Information Open the File In Deep Sound .
  8. Enter Password For Files.
  9. And Extract All  the Information from the files.
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