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How to Enable Telnet Client in Windows

OS Platform Tricks

Telnet is an Application, which is used for Accessing Remote Computers on Internet or LAN’s.Telnet is used to provide a Bidirectional Interactive Text-Oriented Communication facility using a Terminal/Command Line connection. With Telnet, you can Log on another Remote System as a Regular User with some Privileges ,you have been granted on that Remote Computer.

How to Enable Telnet Client ::

1)Type ” Control Panel ” in the Search Box and Hit Enter.

2)Now Click on Programs Category.

3)Under Programs and Features ,Click on Turn Windows Feature on or off.

4)A Windows Feature Box will be Displayed in which Windows Feature will be Listed.

5)Search for Telnet Client and Telnet Server and Check Both the Boxes and Click on OK Button.

6)It will Ask you to Restart your System.Click on Restart Now and wait until your System Open up’s.

7)Now type ” CMD ” in the Search Box and Press Enter .

8)Type ” telnet ” Command in the CMD Window and Hit Enter.

9)Type ” help ” Command in the Telnet Window and Hit Enter.It will Show all the Commands used in Telnet.

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