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How to Create your own Wordlist using Kali Linux

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A Wordlist is a Text File which Contains any Number of Passwords.It is used in Various types of Attacks like Brute Force,Dictionary Attack or in Hydra Attack.It is usually in the Form of Text File.

If you Don’t know about Kali Linux or How to Install it then First Read our Post How to Install Kali Linux,which will guide you about How to Download Kali Linux and Install Kali Linux.
Kali Linux contains a Special Tool known as Crunch which is used to Create Wordlist.
With the Help of Crunch you Can Create the Type of Wordlist which you want.Like 10 digit Phone Number Wordlist,4 Char Wordlist which contains all the Combination of 4 char Alphabets. 

Follow the Steps to Create Wordlist ::

1)Open up Kali Linux and Open Terminal.

2)Syntax of Using Crunch(Type Following Command in the Terminal) 

crunch <min> <max> <combinationset> -t <pattern> -o <output filename>

3)And Hit Enter it will start Generating the Wordlist.

Understanding Syntax ::

min = The Minimum Length of Password 

max = The Maximum Length of Password
combinationset = The Combination set is a Combination of Characters,Integers or the Special Symbols to be used in Generating the Passwords.
-t <pattern> = This help in specifying the Pattern of the Generated Passwords. For example, if you Knew that the Target’s Phone Number is 59546 and you feel like Victim used it Phone Number in its Password, you could generate a Wordlist that ended with 59546 by giving crunch the pattern @@@@@@@59546. This will Generate Passwords up to 12 characters (7 variable and 5 fixed) long that all ended with 59546.

-o <outputfile> = This is the name of your Wordlist.

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