How to Choose Secure and Strong Password


Choosing a Secure and Strong Password is one of the Way which makes you Secure from a Hacker,who is Willing to Enter in your World.Password Strength is the Measure of the Effectiveness of a Password which makes it Difficult to Guess and Prevents various Type of Attacks like Brute Force,etc as it will take Sufficiently a very very Long time to Crack it.The Strength of a Password is a Function of its Length and Complexity (Combination used in making Password).More the Strength of Password More Difficult it would be to Crack or Guess it.

Points to be Remembered while Choosing Password ::

1. Minimum Length of Password should be of 14 Characters 

Let it will be the Basic and the Golden Rule, Your Password should never be Below 14 Characters. If an Attacker want to Attack you by using a Brute Force Attack on your Account,it would take time in Months or Years to Crack your Password. Brute Force tries every Possible Combination and Time Taken for the Brute Force Attack to Crack a Password increases Exponentially depending upon its Length and Complexity. 

Current Password —> thekernelbitteam

2. Do not use Common Names found in the Dictionary or the Names associated with You

The Most Common Passwords are the Easiest one to Crack. Whenever Attacker wants to Attack your Account, the first thing Attacker would try, are the Common Passwords.Who ever the Attacker is, think that the Attacker knows Everything About you, as first Attacker will Gather Information about You and then Attacker will Attack you.So Do not think that the Attacker don’t know Anything about you.Attacker knows Everything about You—> Your Name,Family Member’s Names, Favorite Personalities like Sportsmen, Actors, Singers,etc.So it you have the Password Related to this type,Adding some numbers Behind or After it So Please Change your Password as Soon as Possible.And if your Passwords contains Words from Dictionary then you should Probably know that there’s a Thing called Dictionary Attack. So do not keep direct Dictionary Words from any Dictionary.

Current Password —> thekernelbitteam
Dictionary Words —>the,kernel,bit,team


One more thing that KernelBit Team Should Mention you to Choose Wisely are your Security Questions.As KernelBit Team has mentioned Earlier that Attacker Knows Everything About you so , KernelBit Team Recommend you to Never give Actually the Right Answers to the Security Questions.

3. Make use of Special Symbols and Numbers in your Password 

Most of the People, don’t use Special Symbols and Numbers in their Password in a fear that they will Forget it.But KernelBit Team Recommend to use them as they Provide the Most of the Security to your Password as they Increase Length and Complexity of your Password.

Current Password —> thekernelbitteam

After Adding Special Symbol and Numbers to it
After Adding —> the(1)ker/nel”bit”@team%

4. Capitalize some Words in your Password 

When you add Capital Characters to your Password, Your Attacker has Another 26 Characters to Test which means,it’s Impossible to Brute Force as ,Earlier Discussed that Time taken by Brute Force increases Exponentially as Length of your Password.

 Current Password —> the(1)ker/nel”bit”@team%
After Capitalizing Some Character —>  tHe(1)kEr/nel”bIt”@teAm%

5. Last Blow Turn your Password Around

This is the Last Blow as it will Make Password Impossible to Guess and Un-Imaginable by the Attacker that Attacker will Blow out it’s Brain.

Current Password —> tHe(1)kEr/nel”bIt”@teAm%

After Turning Around —> %mAet@”tIb”len/rEk)1(eHt

Note :: Always Change your Password in Every Three Months


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