How to Buy a Domain Name and Configure the Setting with Your Blog

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I hope Everyone wants to be Famous and Starting up your Own Website can help you Fulfill your Dreams.Bill Gates the Famous Personality said that ” If your Business is Not the Internet then your Business will be Soon out of Business ” .And Very well you can understand the Dept of these words.Everyone knows that half of the World is On Internet and it is the Best place where you can sell your Talents,Where the Whole World Will See and Purchase your Talents.

Follow the Below Steps to Buy a Domain Name ::

1)First of all you need a Credit or a Debit Card through Which you can Buy Online Stuff.

2)After that Open up your Browser.You can Open One of the Following Sites :
a)Go Daddy
d)Google Domains
e)1 and 1
These are Few Good Websites for Purchasing a Domain Name.I will Recommend Using Go Daddy as it Excellent in Services and Also has 24*7 Online Chat Services, incase you need any Help Regarding Anything.
3)Now When you Will Open any of these Websites you will get a Box in which Type the Name of the Domain which you want to Buy and Click on the Search Domain Button and it will tell you tell you if the Domain name you Searched is available or Not.If it is Available then Click on the Select Button below.You can also Add the Other Domains with Similar Name to your Cart.

4)Then Click on the Continue to Cart Button.You can Choose Web Hosting and Also buy the Privacy Guard which is Very Important.
5)Now you just have to Fill in the Required Information.You can Also choose for how much Time Period you want that Domain Name and Proceed to Pay and Congrats you have Purchased a Domain Name.

Configure the Domain Name Setting’s With your Blog ::

1)Open up Your Blog.Then go to Settings–>Basic.

2)In Basic Settings go to Publishing Area.You will find there your Blog Address( on the Redirect Button and fill the Name of the Domain you have Purchased but Don’t Save it as it will Show Error and You will see that there are two C Name’s and two Corresponding Addresses to that.

3)Now Open the Website through which you have Purchased the Domain Name and Login there and Click on the Manage Button in Front of Domains.

4)Now a Window will open in Which the Domain Name Purchased by You will be Visible.Click on the Settings Option and Select Domain Settings.
5)Now Click on the Manage Connection.A new Window will Open and From the Following Tabs click on the DNS Zone File.
6)Now Click on Add Record.Now in the Record Type Select C Name(Alias).Now Fill in the Host Name(C Name) and Corresponding Address in their Respective Fields.And Apply the Same Procedure to Fill the Second C Name and the Corresponding Address and Save the Settings.
7)Now Click on the Save Button in the Blogger Settings and Finally When you will open the Domain name it will Starts redirecting to your Blog.

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