How to Activate 2 Step Verification in Facebook

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Guys, You Know that Facebook is the Black Hole of World Wide Web as it is used by Billions of People and also has Become the Social Media Giant on Internet. So day by day Facebook is Increasing its Security as to Safe Guard their Users.As every Hacker and Cracker want to Exploit the Number One Social Networking Site and its Users also. It Depends on you how you use Facebook Features to make your Profile Secure from Hackers. Facebook has many Good Security Features that help a user to make their Account Secure and Keep their Data and Information Safe in their Account.

Like Google launched Two Step Verification, Facebook also Launched it to Enhance its Security. It is also Named as “ Login Approvals ” Feature of Facebook. As Previously Google Added this Feature and it Seems to be Successful in Protecting their Users and also their Accounts. So Facebook also needed to Add this Security Layer to Protect their User’s Facebook Accounts and Protect them against several Hacks or Exploits. But Problem of this Feature is ” It can not Implement for all Countries World Wide “. But Don’t worry it will be Soon Implemented for All Countries World Wide.

How to Activate 2 Steps Verification on Facebook ?

1)Firstly Login to Your Facebook Account and then Click Drop Down menu from Right Side of the Top and Open Facebook Settings.

2)Then Jump to Security Settings Tab and You can see a Login Approvals Option and Click on Edit. ( If You not See the Login Approvals Option So Go Below Check another Way to Enable this Feature in India )

3)They will ask You to Activate Require Security Code to Access My account. When You Tick this Option a Small Window is Pop Up.

4)Then Click on Get Started  Further They ask you of Mobile Type. I can Choose Other and The Hit Continue.

5)After That They Send you a Verification Code for a Test. In a Minute or less than that You will Receive a Code that You need to Enter in Pop up Screen.

6)Now Your Login Approval Setup is Complete and Tick No, thanks and Close the Window.

7)Next Time when You Open your Facebook Account in Other Browser and Device you need to Enter a Verification Code that you Receive on Your Smart Phone.

How to Activate 2 Steps Verification on Facebook in India ?

1)Go To Google Chrome Webstore and Search for DotVPN and Click on Add to Chrome.

If you Didn’t Find DotVPN, you can Click Here to Add it to Chrome.

2)Now You can see Red Button on Right Top Corner. Just Click on it and enter Email and Password to use this Extension.After Successfully registered. Now you can see that It Change Red to Blue. It show that you are using some Other Country Proxy.

Now you are able to Use “Login Approval” Option in your Facebook Account.

Actually it is Just VPN you can use Any VPN or any Proxy Server to use an IP Address of Another Country.

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