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Here’s How to Play Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire in Google search

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Google is reinventing everyday. Google is inventing everyday a new idea to make google search more convenient to you. This time Google has made a small step ahead. Up-to now you can use calculator, Stop watch and even speed test on your Google Search. But today Google has created a new way to play small games on the Google Search.

Yes you have read right news. Now you can play small games online just by typing the name of the Game in the Google search.

For example if you are getting bored then you can open Google and type “tic tac toe” and press enter. A small game will be displayed in your search result and you can click on “Start Game” and play the game easily. It will not use much of your Internet Data because it is optimized as such.

Another game which you can play in the Google search is “Solitaire”. Solitaire is a very popular game which previously comes as a pre-installed game in Windows 7. But now, in the upper versions of Window you have to download the game. But Google has made a way by which you can play the game without installing it. You can simply type “Solitaire” in the Google search and the game will be displayed in the search results.

So from now if you are getting bored then go ahead and Play “Tic tac toe” and “Solitaire” in the Google Search and keep enjoying it.

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