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Google is a well known Company. This line is a very casual line for me because every time I write a article on Google, I have to write this. After every 10 days we are having news from the Google that they have launched a new thing. The team of the Google is working very hard and is succeeding in many aspects.

Now Google has emerged with a All new Plan i.e Google Fi Project.Google’s Wireless service is getting a Group Plan today. Google’s Fi plan is bit different from the other plans that you might be using of other Companies.

Fi Project is a Straight forward Project but Please don’t expect a Discount from this Project.

Let us Know, What is Google’s Fi Project?

Project Fi intelligently shifts between Multiple Networks. It means you will never get a “No signal” in your Mobile Screen. It is Designed too accurately that you will never face a small problem at all.

Project Fi automatically connects you to the Best available signal,whether it is WiFi or one of their three 4G LTE Partner Networks.

Google has a saying that No two peoples use their Smartphone a same way so they have made one Plan of Fi Project that is Flexible Plan.It says that you have to only pay for the Data that you have used, not more than that as other companies are snatching from you and nor less than that. So, as I have already told you that Don’t expect Discount from Google. Google is a very clever company.With this Project of Google, A user is also getting the Profit and obviously the company is also getting it.

The Best part of the Google’s Fi project is that wherever you travel in the World the Fi Project will run along with you. When you will travel somewhere then your Phone will automatically link up with the International Partner of the company and that too Benefits you. You will get very high speed if you are connected with the International Partners of Google but the Cost will be same as that was at your Home. This thing is very amazing and I love this feature.

Important thing to know is, you will get credits on the Data Unused.

With the release of Google’s new phones Pixel and Pixel XL, Google has removed the Previous phones Nexus 6p and Nexus 5x from their Main stores. Now you are left with the option of Buying only Pixel series to enjoy the Fi Project but if you still want to buy the Cheaper series i.e Nexus 6p, then you can immediately sign up for Google’s Fi Project.

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