Google Pixel : Is it a better smartphone?


We have listened a lot of rumors in the last 3-4 months about this phone. It was said that the phone will be a very special one with unpredictable specifications. But with the release of the Phone we have seen that it is not so Good as it was made in the media.

Google Pixel has good specifications but other smartphones of Companies like Oneplus and Samsung are already having those features.

Why should One buy Google Pixel? 

The question arises that why should a Person spend too much money and buy this Google’s phone. Earlier Nexus series was very well received by the Audience and no doubt they were very brilliant in specifications. But now Google has made it’s own hardware and has named the series as Google’s Pixel.

The thing is, we are getting same specifications as Pixel in Other smartphones at low prices. Google has released their phone in the comparison to Apple’s iPhone 7 but can it beat the performance of iPhone?

According to the reports, it has been revealed that People has not liked the shape of the all new Google Pixel. However specification is really liked by the Public.

The phone is released in comparison to the iPhone 7. So the rate is kept a bit high otherwise the Phone is very brilliant.

Go ahead and check the Phone more deeply and buy it if you really like it.

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