Going through photo album of iphone without opening lock,working on ios 8

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Here is a very simple way to see all the photos which are placed in iphone without opening the lock screen of the phone.Basically this method is helpful if you want to see the photos in someone’s phone.You can see all the pics which are placed in his/her iphone without even asking the pin code and this method is also working if he/she has set the finger print lock on the iphone.Usually there are many bugs in the smartphones or even in apple products.So one of the bug of iphone is discussed here in the article.It cannot be called as bug because there is also a option given in your iphones to protect your iphone from attackers.Method to protect your iphone is also given at the end.

You have to read the steps very carefully so that you can also perform the same on anyone’s iphone.

Remember this method will work on that iphone which supports SIRI and with ios 8.

Now see how attackers gain access on your iphone without a pin code

Steps to Follow-

1-Switch On the iphone by pressing power button and slide the screen to go to the lock screen.Now it will ask you the pin code.

2-You have to type 4 wrong attempts on it and the 5th time enter only 3 numbers and let the fourth one empty.In newer models 6 digits are required as a pin so for that enter only 5 digits and let the sixth one empty.

3-Hold the “Home Button” for just a few second to activate the SIRI,but just before the starting of SIRI type any other number to complete the pin.

4-When SIRI will be activated then click on the mic given below and you have to say few words,the words that you have to speak are written ahead.    

“Hey SIRI! What time is it?”

5-It will tell you the time and now you can see the clock icon on your screen.Tap on the clock icon.

6-Click on add city and type anything there.Its not important that you have to type any city name,you can type anything there.

7-Double tap on the words which you have written and you will see a share option on the screen.Click on share.

8-Now it will ask you that how you want to share it.The options that will be visible to you will be ( Message,Mail etc,). You have to tap on message.

9-Now it will ask you that to whom you want to send message,type any random mobile number which is not in your contact list and double tap on it and tap on ‘Create a New Contact’.

10-Now you all know that we can assign a photo to contact,So at the top left corner you can see the option of ‘Add Photo’. 

11-Tap on ‘Add photo’.Now tap on photo album.

12-All the photos will be visible to you.

Each photo can be viewed by selecting a photo and then canceling again  🙂

How to protect your iphone so that photos can’t be revealed?

If you want that no one can see your private photos then you can increase the privacy of your i-phone.

Simply you have to open Settings and turn off the option of “Access SIRI on Lock screen”.
This is the only way to keep your pics safe.

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