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Before I explain about VPN free and open source VPN service.I want to clear all doubts about VPN’s. People Usually Ask Some Questions about VPNs like, What is VPN? How they Secure us?Can we use VPN for Hiding our identity? and many more such questions. Firstly VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and as from the name we can guess that Virtual Means Imaginary or Theoretically or Non Physical and Private Network means a network that is just for your computer ,that mean not open for public use.So VPN is Network that is not physical available for a private purpose. VPN are usually used to encrypt internet traffic  that no one can access or sniff internet traffic between destination (eg www.google.com)  and your computer. VPN are also used to bypass firewall that block your access to some particular site.I hope your all doubts are cleared if still there are doubt then comment below the post.Now about that VPN Service which we are representing to you that is called SoftEther.This VPN was academic project of the students of University  of Tsukuba,Japan.
This VPN supports multiple protocol like UDP,TCP….. and many more.VPN is also available on all type of platform.To Download and install this free and open source VPN follow this Steps:-
1.Visit www.vpngate.net/en/download.aspx and download Softether +VPN Gate Plugin.zip
2.Download and extract VPN.
3.Install VPN and open.
4.Then Add a Vpn Connection and Open VPN Gate Public relay servers.
5.Follow the instruction from upper fig.
6.Now you have got  Connected to a VPN server.
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