Finding WiFi Password of a Connected Network using CMD

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We have brought a very easy and simple way to find your wifi password using cmd.I know that you already know your Wi-Fi password but you can apply this method on someone’s computer.But don’t do miss use of your knowledge.I know you gonna love this method.

So lets start with the Method :

1-First of all you have to open your command prompt by clicking on start and then type cmd there and open it as ‘Run as administrator’.

2-Now you have to type  “netsh wlan show profiles” and then press enter.

3-You will see the number of profiles of wifi networks.You have to choose one whose password you want to know.

4-Now type “netsh wlan show profile [name of the profile] key=clear” and then press enter.

5- The password of the wifi profile will be visible to you under the security settings.

So this was the easiest way to find wifi password using cmd.

Note- You don’t have to put brackets before and after the profile name and you have to write the name of the wifi as it is written without any difference.

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