Finally iPhone 7 gets Release Date and a new Name- iPhone 6SE

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A lot of People were asking questions on the different sites to know the release date of the iPhone 7. So here we are to let you know about the new iPhone.

According to the rumors till now, it was said that the iPhone 7 will not be called as iPhone 7.

Firstly,we will talk about the release date. According to the previous years it is concluded that iPhone will be released in the late September. But now it is claimed that the iPhone will be launched near about 12 September.It is also claimed that the sale of the new iPhone will be started from 16 September.

Now it’s the time to talk about the name of the new iPhone. Whether it should be called as iPhone 7 or something else?

According to the new rumors, the new iPhone will be named as iPhone 6SE. Yes,it is true the new iPhone will be named as iPhone 6SE. This is said because after one year there is a 10th anniversary of the well known company Apple. So it is claimed that Apple will release its grand Product iPhone 7 in the 2017 at its 10th Anniversary.

The new iPhone 6SE will be designed by taking iPhone 6 series as a Base. So there will be very few changes in the new iPhone. Majorly,there will be a huge change in the iPhone 7 which will be released in 2017 not in 2016.

One thing more, you can pre-order your new iPhone after September 9.

So, Lets wait for the all new iPhone 6SE.

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