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Have you ever listened a word Parrot in Computer World? If not then Don’t worry! We are here to tell you about it. Basically, Parrot Project is all about Parrot Security OS (Operating System). Parrot Security OS is generally said as ParrotSec.

ParrotSec is a GNU/LINUX distribution based on Debian. This Operating system is best known for its Security that’s why “Sec” name is Given to the Operating system. It is Basically designed for the Penetration Testing (Computer Security). The Os was developed and Launched By FrozenBos’s team on 10th June 2013.

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Main Concept of Creating ParrotSec

The Main idea of creating this Operating System was to have a VPS or a dedicated server with a special operating system full of security tools. We should also tell you that this Operating System is full of the Security tools by default. You don’t need to download any 3rd party apps and install them.

Parrot Security OS includes the most famous frameworks,it has many imaging tools and top class analysis.

ParrotSec offers many contents about Web and different computer system analysis.Moreover ParrotSec allows you to surf and work anonymously.

Security of ParrotSec

Parrot OS is really a Secured OS. It includes a arsenal of security oriented tools to perform Penetration testing and much more.If you are Having a Parrot USB in your Pocket then you are having all that you need in Computing life.


If you don’t want to waste your Time in installing 3rd party applications or software to make your Operating system more better then, ParrotSec is a best choice for you. Because ParrotSec is that type of OS which already has pre-installed best applications that is needed. You will then have a best and Comfortable environment in your Pc.


Privacy is a major concern these days. You will be very happy to hear that ParrotSec includes by default TOR, I2P, anonsurf, gpg, tccf, zulucrypt, veracrypt, truecrypt, luks and many other technologies designed to defend your privacy and your identity.

Released Versions

ParrotSec was first released on 10th June 2013 and its latest version was launched on 15th October 2016.There are various Codenames which were Given to the Operating names every time it got a new Update. You can have a look at the List of versions of Parrot OS while downloading it.

If you want to Download any version of Parrot  OS then,click here-

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