Controlling Someone’s Device with your Device

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We have brought up a new way to control someone’s device with your android phones or even from iphones. It is a very simple way to control someone’s device.The device can be your friend’s laptop.We can even control our laptop with our mobile or someone’s laptop with our mobile.

Before starting the process, some instructions must be followed.

You should have a good connectivity of internet and the other device which you have to control should also be connected to internet. The two devices may be on the same ip address or different it doesn’t matter.

So lets began with the technique-

1- You need to download a application named as Teamviewer from Google play store if you are using android phone.If you are using an iphone,you can download the same from app store. Its free on both.

2- The same software must be installed on the other device which you want to control. The other device may be laptop or a mobile.

3- Open the app when it got installed on your mobile and ask the other user to open the software on his/her pc.

4- Now you have to ask the ID and password of your partner which will be written on the screen when he will run the software. 

5- You have to fill this ID as the partner id in your screen and then click on ‘Connect to partner’ and then a dialog box will appear which will ask you for the password,then fill your partner’s password there.

6- Tell your partner to move away from laptop as now you are controlling his/her laptop.

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