Chinese firm Bans the iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus for their Staff

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Yes it is true! Chinese company in Nanyang city, Henan province is threatening their employees to buy the iphones . The company has declared that if any of the Staff member will buy a iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus then he/she will be fired from the Company. Isn’t it a bad news? No it is not a bad news for China but it is obviously bad for Apple.

Nowdays we are listening many news headlines against Apple.But this time it is a very bad news as from now, no Chinese person working in that company will buy the iphone.

Here are some lines that were sent as a order to their employees, you can read them from here –¬†

“According to our managing director’s orders, all our employees are strictly forbidden to purchase and to use iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Anyone found disobeying this order must immediately resign from the company.
“Beloved colleagues, if our finances are healthy and our economic conditions allow it, please let us take better care of our parents’ health, be more concerned about our children’s upbringing, be more aware of how precious life is, more involved in our country’s welfare. Only if we do this, can we ensure long-term prosperity and happiness. Do not waste your effort on those luxuries that will only squeeze our hard earned money dry.
“Today, 18 September, is a day that all Chinese people will never forget. Never forget our national humiliation, make sure to remember your history. Boycotting foreign products needs to start with you.
“We cannot go to the battlefield to protect our country, but we will work hard in our own capacity and in our designated positions. In our daily lives, we must boycott products from Japan and the US. Use your actions to support our own goods, as only if you have a nation, can you have a home.
Please take special notice of this memo and be sure to abide by it.”

These statements clearly explains that Chinese don’t want that their Public should buy an American company’s ¬†phone i.e iphone. The whole sole purpose of this is to sell the Smartphones in the China that are made by themselves only because the money will not be circulated outside China.

The main purpose of the notice was to encourage the employees to pay more attention to their family instead of these technological goods said by an office clerk, Liu

The Chinese companies has confirmed that the persons who have already bought iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus will not be fired from the Company but now onwards if any one will break the Chinese will be fired immediately.

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