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How to Use the System File Checker tool to Scan Your Whole Windows For Errors and repair missing or corrupted system files

I really need to say that Windows got Most of the features but almost nobody knows about it like syskey.exe,iexpress.exe, etc. Everybody might have ever  thought that How to Check Whole Windows for Errors and Missing and Corrupted System Files and it should Repair it Automatically. Using Windows Inbuilt Feature System File Checker(SFC) ,DISM, CHKDSK […]

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cmd password

How to Reset Windows Administrator Password without Knowing the Old Password Without Use of Any Software

Most of us always want to Change others PC Administrator Password just to play a Prank that your System has been Hacked.But don’t worry because I got ways to reset or change your Windows Administrator Password without knowing the old Password or the Password that someone might has kept to scare you. 1 way to […]

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How to Remotely Shutdown/Restart/Log Off/Sleep/Hibernate Your PC using Android SmartPhone

Almost Everyone in Today’s World is using an Android Smart Phone.Android users have been Increasing Rapidly as one can imagine the things that we can do with our Android Smart Phone.But then also there are many tricks that one cannot imagine doing with his/her Android Smart Phone. Yes it’s true that you can now shut […]

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How to Create Self-Extracting files that Automatically Run the Setup Program that is Contained Inside

IEXPRESS.EXE is used to create single Self-Extracting Package from a Set or Combination of files that automatically run the setup program that is contained inside. IExpress can be used for distributing self-contained installation packages to multiple local or remote Windows PC’s through any USB drive,CD,DVD,or through the Internet. It creates a Self Extracting Executable (.EXE) file using […]

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