Can a Bendable Smartphone Be Possible? Yes! Design ready to be leaked soon

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Have you ever thought to roll your Smartphone on your Palm or just roll it somewhat and put it in your Pocket? The World is heading towards Future and the Smartphone Companies are indulged in showing the Best out of others. Smartphone companies are running in a race against the rival companies. Everyday we have a News about new technology released by different Companies.

Now We have got reports from the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer i.e Xiaomi. Xiaomi is now going to launch a Smartphone which can be bent somewhat. You cannot bend the smartphone to full extent but there is a fixed manner in which you can Bend it.

Xiaomi is making a cardboard Рthin smartphone that will have a unique shape and as per the video leaked on the chinese Website they Have made a phone with working touch.You can check the video by clicking on this Link-

Earlier it was said,that Samsung was going to launch the Smartphone with bendable screen by sing OLED. Now Xiaomi is getting ahead of Samsung and very soon Xiami will leak the Design of the Smartphone.

According to the reports, this new smartphone will run on all new MIUI 8. However the details and specs of the smartphone has not been revealed yet.

It’s the First time ever that a Smartphone company is indulging to Provide a new technology to the World.

So we should Support Xiaomi, A rising Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer.

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