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Best Hackers in World

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A Hacker is a Clever Programmer. A Good Hack is a clever solution to a problem based on Programming and Hacking is the act of doing it.Hacker is someone who Lives and Breathes Computer, who knows all about Computers. Equally important, is the Hacker’s Attitude.Programming should be done for fun, not out of a sense of duty or for the money.A person who enjoys actually doing the Programming rather than just theorizing about it picks up Programming quickly Can be a Good Hacker.

In the World of Internet where we get the Global Connectivity, it is too easier to break into Someone’s Private Zone.The World Wide Web which is the hub of Storing and Restoring information, is a toy in the hands of a few Computer Geniuses or Known as Hackers.Black Hat Hackers, Crackers, Cyber-Criminals,aims at a system to gain the access to the desired information.

Top 10 Hackers in the World ::

1. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon must’ve been a curious as well as a restless child, for to gain information on UFOs, he thought it would be better to get a direct access into the Channels of NASA. He Infected 97 US military and NASA computers, by Installing Virus and Deleting a Some Files.But It was soon found that McKinnon was guilty of hacking Military and NASA websites from his Girlfriend’s Aunt’s house in London. While Deleting the files from the Websites wasn’t enough, McKinnon Shamed the Military by putting notice on the website that said, “ Your security is crap ” .Well, McKinnon was something, if he could shut down the US Military’s Washington Network of about 2000 computers for 24 hours, making the hack, the Biggest Military Computer Hack of all time !!!

2. LulzSec:

LulzSec or Lulz Security, a High Profile, Black Hat Hacker group, gained Attention for Hacking Sony, News International, CIA, FBI and Several Noteworthy Accounts. While the group have retired from their Duties, the Motto of the group, “Laughing at your security since 2011!” stays alive. There are news of the group having Hacked into the websites of the newspapers ,The Times and The Sun to post its retirement news. 

3. Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo decided to Switch his Career when he realized ,What he is Capable of. He gained Attention when he Hacked into Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and The New York Times.He was Arrested later,it later helped him gain the group of an American Threat Analyst. A guy who would Hack into many Accounts sitting in the Comfortable , libraries, internet cafes, soon turned Wikileaks Founder suspected as Bradley Manning over to FBI

4. Jonathan James

The Young boy to be imprisoned for a Cyber-Crime at the age of 16, Jonathan James , hacked into Defense Threat Reduction Agency of US Department. Further, he installed a Sniffer that examine the messages passed between the DTRA Employees. Not only he kept a check on the Messages being passed around, mean while, he collected the Passwords and Usernames and other Vital details of the Employees, and further even Stole essential Software. All this caused NASA to Shut Down its system and to pay from its pocket $41,000. However, had a bitter ending as he Committed Suicide in 2008.

5)Adeanna Cooke:

She is the most Beautiful Female Hacker.Modelling and Hacking have Nothing in common. A Former Playboy model, Cooke is famous for Hacking Skills and is a Self-Trained Hacker. One day, Cooke came across Website with Nude Pictures of her it, which were illegally posted by her Partner to make money. Then she decided to take this matters into her hands and hacked into the account herself to take the entire stolen photos down.

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  1. Your information is not updated,lulzsec is also former member of anonymous.so update it.
    these are not top hackers.Kevin Mitnick is no where in your post.

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