Are you still using Simple Internet?Here is one more internet

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Internet is already a big part of human life today.Internet is connecting people to each other rapidly without any doubt.

But there are many pros. and cons. of internet.Before We introduce you to the new internet.We would like to remind you that in last few years there were many sites which were banned or blocked by ISPs and countries.Big features about this new internet is that nobody can censor and block any content on webpages and that internet is called as ZeroNet.
Zeronet works same like torrent . It is P2P(peer to peer)
network which  means the site is served from people like you and us.Every Site on ZeroNet has Same security encryption which is used for bitcoin.Everybody can create a free website on zeronet. You don’t need to buy any domain and hosting to create a website on Zeronet. There are many kind of sites which are ready with free services.

Now how to use this kind of internet:-
1.Goto official site of
2.Download it for windows.
3.After download,extract the zip file.
4.Open zeronet.cmd
5.After few minutes of processing ,your installation will be  finished.
6.To open zeronet,goto any browser.
7.Visit this adress .
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