Apple’s Launch event date is tomorrow, 7th September 2016

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Finally, count down begins. Recently Apple has confirmed the date of its Launch event and it is announced officially also.You can watch the Launch event tomorrow at night (as per Indian time) on the Official site of Apple.

 This time Apple is going to release 2 versions of iphones i.e iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus along with the new version of Apple i-watch and wireless Earbuds.

In the previous Launch event WWDC June 2016 Apple has already released the new developer preview of ios 10 but tomorrow we think, Apple will officially launch ios 10. If you haven’t read about ios 10 then click here to read about it.

Apple is always known to be a premium Company and every year the World is expecting something new from them. According to the reports, this time also Apple is going to shock you with the design of iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus However the design of new iphones will mostly resemble with that of iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus.But something will be surely be a secret for you till tomorrow.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Tomorrow in the launch event of Apple you will see Apple unveiling these two products.These products are more likely to resemble the design as iphone 6s models but this time the new iphone 7 will not have a 3.5 mm Earphone jack.Apple has confirmed that this time they are providing the wireless earbuds instead of the old wired headphones. This is the new approach Apple has done to meet the needs of Future. 

Besides this, Apple iphone 7 plus will have  different Camera set-up with two image sensors and two Cameras. The camera quality will be very very different from the iphones launched till now. So it will be a gret feature for Photo lovers.

Apple Watch

Tomorrow you will also see a new design of i-watch. The OS for this new i-watch was already released in the previous event of Apple.The new ios operated i-watch will also contain a GPS Chip inside it which will help you to navigate to the routes easily without even taking out your iphone from your pocket. 

So this is not the all about tomorrow’s launch event of Apple because Apple has always kept secret to their new features and design until the launch event.

You may have listened Steve Jobs saying “One More Thing” in the previous events when Steve Jobs was alive.He used to say these words because he always keep something secret to disclose it only on the stage. This tradition is however also followed by Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) but after the Death of Steve Jobs the surprises have been reduced. 

But Tim Cook is doing very well and we all are expecting Tim Cook to share mind blowing new features and new products.

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