Apple store’s employees got fired for sharing Intimate pictures of Female Customers


We often give our Smartphones to the Technicians for repairing the Phone but before that we always Hide our Crucial or Private data so that, the technician could not see it. Bit in the case of Apple Store, the thing is different. We always trust the Customer Service of Apple and we Undoubtedly give our Apple device to the Staff at Apple Store to repair it and mostly we have to tell the Password of the Phone to them if they need it. Most important thing is, there is no App lock available for ios as for Android. So easily anyone can See your Private Data.

Similarly, One case has been revealed that was happened to be in Brisbane, Australia. One of the Female Member went for the Repair of her Apple Device and left her phone there. The staff posted there allegedly stole intimate images of Female customers.

After the news revealed, Apple suddenly Fires the Staff members and confirmed the World that Further investigation is going on and strict actions should be taken against the Victims.

This issue of Sharing the intimate pics of Female customers came into light when a staff member at Carendale store noticed a Technician looking into a Customer’s Phone and sharing the Image.

Apple staff of Carindale store were stealing the images of Female customers and sharing the Nude pics on a Photo sharing ring.Further such stolen Photos were given Rating in a 1-10 Rating list.

One of the Spokesperson of Apple has commented on this matter and he said ” Apple believe in treating everyone equally and with respect, and we do not ­tolerate behaviour that goes against our values. We have met with our store team to let them know about the investigation and inform them about the steps Apple is taking to protect their privacy.”

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Apple is best known for it’s privacy matter and Now Apple has maintained a news that no Photo has been shared till now and Apple also claims that till now, no Particular Female Customer is Victimized.

The same lines said by Apple are given “we have seen no evidence that customer data or photos were inappropriately transferred or that anyone was photographed by these former employees.”

This Case has been Configured in Australia so, Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim said that We are also investing on this Private case and they will seek more information on this case from Apple.

So,Keep your Data safe before giving your Device for Repairing. Because today, No one is Trustworthy.

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