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Android Nougat is Out Now

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Android Nougat, the latest version 7.0 of Android Series has launched today. People were eagerly waiting to get this version to release because this time android has improved a lot more. 

Google is a very innovative company and every year Public is expecting a new and World changing features in their Android versions. No doubt, the latest versions of Android has been improved a lot but, there was something that lacks and now the Android N is out. So lets move to the all new Android N.

Google unveiled the new Android N at its Google I/O Developer Conference and the name Nougat was given in the mid of June after many suggestions from the Public.

You will have to wait for few days to get the update directly into your smartphone depending upon the company of your mobile. But as obvious, Nexus holders can upgrade their smartphone to Android N. May be some of the users have already upgraded their smartphone. Nexus 5x, 6p, 6 , 9 and Nexus Player are the devices with which updates are available right now.

The First phone which will be launched with pre-installed Android Nougat will be LG V20 as per the reports from Google and LG.This LG V20 has already set to launch on 5th of September.

This upcoming Android N has come up with lot many new features and it is optimized as such that it requires very less RAM to do multi-tasking.Some features like Quick reply, grouped notifications, improved multi-tasking and updated Settings has been improved which will be confirmed with the review of Android N which will be out in few days.

Till Now, Android Nougat has no negative reviews. It has been well received Worldwide. So we will surely welcome Android Nougat in our smartphones with a smile on our Face.

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