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Hello Friends! Today i am here to discuss about two very famous Messaging apps that are Allo and Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a messaging app owned by Facebook and Allo is a smart messaging app recently released By Google. We are not here to say that Google and Facebook are rivals. But these both companies are comparing with each other’s messaging app.

No doubt that Whatsapp is a older app than Allo but there are lot of new features in the Allo app and people are more engaged in Allo than on Whatsapp today. The number of People using Allo is increasing day by day but what about Whatsapp? Are people uninstalling it? No they are not doing that.

Micromax is going to release four smartphones with a 4G connectivity because there is a huge demand of 4G smartphones because of JIO sims. 

So Google being a clever one has already made partnership with Micromax to pre-install the Google apps like Allo and Duo in their smartphones along with the other Google apps.

The main thing here tells us that Google is forcing everyone to use their messaging app, Allo for their profit.

The question arises, Is Allo better?

Here are some features of Allo and the latest features of Whatsapp also. You can read it and decide which one is better.

Features of Allo – 

Allo is a smart messaging app which makes your chatting experience really good. It is a very responsive app It takes the help of Google assistant and makes your work very easy.For example if you are talking to your friend about going for a movie then Allo will automatically show you the movies running near your cinemas, all with the help of Google assistant.

Allo has smart reply options as, if you want to say something loud to your friend then it can send the text in larger font and with animations and if you want to whisper anything to your friend then it will reduce the font size with animation.

It holds more gestures and animations than needed.I t means it is overloaded with big and impressive features.It will be very helpful if you want to wish someone or bless someone, all because of its all new animations and features obviously.

See What Edward Snowden Says about Allo – 

Edward Snowden tweeted on twitter that Google’s Latest Messaging App should not be used as it records every single data of yours that you send as a message to your contacts.

Latest Features of Whatsapp – 

Whatsapp has now introduced a feature in which you can tag your friends same like Facebook. It will be a very annoying feature because if you have put some groups on Mute mode then also it will notify you if someone Tags you. 


To tag your friends, you have to type ‘@’ infront of the name of your friend and it will surely notify you with a notification tone even if your Group is on Mute. The time Facebook owned Whatsapp, Facebook is indulged in making Whatsapp more like Facebook. This feature of tagging the friends can be proved annoying because it will definitely irritate you with notifications of your Groups.You can also tag the unknown members in the group. The update will be available to both Android and ios but it will not be available on the desktop app.
If you want to read more details about the New features of Whatsapp then, Go ahead and click here – 
Now you have read about the features of Allo and Whatsapp and now it’s your choice to decide the best from both or even both.
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