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2016 is Proved to be a Mixed Year for Samsung as at one side Samsung is Celebrating its Victory for Samsung S7 Edge but at the Other Side Note 7 Proved to be the Biggest Failure. After the Galaxy Note 7 incident,which cause a Huge Loss to Samsung and its Ranks,Samsung Decided to Launch a New Smartphone to Build back its Trust in People and also to increase their Rank.Samsung’s next Smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will have a lot of Exciting Features for which the World will be waiting Excitingly .

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8 ::

KernelBit Team has been informed that Samsung is working to put an Optical Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy S8 at its Back and it will help Samsung achieve a Full Screen Smartphone.Samsung is facing some problems in order to Put Optical Fingerprint Recognition,as its Components are not easily Available but the Launching of Galaxy S8 is a year away.So Samsung has plenty of time to resolve the production issues.

The Smartphone may have a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 4K Display. Further, it is powered by either the Snapdragon 830 or the Exynos 8895 SoC, and both are really the Best Processors. This is Because as Samsung has announced that it has already begun Producing Chipsets using the 10nm process.

We Also have been Informed that the phone will be available two Variants one in 6GB and other in 8GB RAM . Samsung recently Revealed about the Galaxy C9 Pro, which is the first phone by the company to support 6GB of RAM.

Launching of Samsung S8 ::

Rumors are that the phone is to be launched in Early 2017. Galaxy S8 might be the first smartphone in the world to have Optical Fingerprint Recognition technology.It may Cost you Around 850$ .


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