The Error Faced By Android Users When Using Application Like Screen Dimming Apps

Sometimes we often have noticed the Problem with our Android Smart Phone that we Cannot Click on the Install Button in the Package Installer when We have activated the Night Screen Mode or some Screen Dimming App in our Android Phone. These apps work by Covering or Disguising the whole screen with a Low Light […]

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Overnight Laptop Battery Charging Will End The Battery Life?Seriously?But Truth is something different.

 Battery life is becoming big issue today in this era of gadgets and technology.There are many queries in and on battery life of laptop like Overcharging reduces battery life? What is actual Battery life of a laptop? So there are many battery queries in our minds. Before I answer all these questions there is some […]

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The Best Way to Flood One’s System With Infinite Applications using Notepad

You Might have judged by the Name that what are you going to Learn in this Article.We are Going to Start Infinite Applications on Victims System Endlessly Until the Victim Restart His/Her System.It is Quite a Simple Process but we need Some Commands that I am Going To Explain Before we Create the Code. Commands:: […]

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The Best and Simple Way to Wipe out the Complete System Memory using Notepad/Notepad ++

So Wiping Out will be Complete Fun when it is Others System.We have Previously Posted on Many Amazing Tricks that Notepad or any Text Editor like Notepad ++ can Perform. In this Article we are going to Wipe out the Complete System/Computer Memory. It is Useful to those who have to Erase their Whole Computer […]

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